Vintage Passion

Design and fashion have always been important to me. My interest for clothes, styling and vintage brought me here, to the Vintage Harbour. I see it as a place for passionate people who love  different stylizations, clothes, accessories and various items from the past. It’s also a platform for sharing insights, inspirations and information.

Vintage –  looking into fashion history

My love for vintage started many years ago, while reading an article about a lady, who surrounded herself with old things and clothes only. She wouldn’t use a piece of modern outfit, neither would she equip her household with contemporary items. She was constantly searching for original clothes and furniture from the beginning of the XX century. A very peculiar and quite amazing approach.

I’m a vintage and retro passionate myself and chase these styles in different spheres of life.  It means fashion, styling, decorations, events, lifestyle in general. Since I remember I’ve been also checking out older outfits that were hidden somewhere deep in the closets at home. Not once they were getting their second or third life, becoming my “new” discovery.

Styling for concerts

Since 2012 I’ve been also working with swing concerts and other scene productions styling female singers. These looks were mainly inspired by the fashion of the 30’s and 40’s, sometimes even 50’s. It’s mainly lovely, stylish dresses that I focus on, but also shoes and accessories. Moreover, I’m interested in dance, hairstyles and make-up – various forms of visual expression that create appearances with the feeling of these decades.

Writing about vintage

I created the page to explore my passion and research on trends and visual inspirations. I follow artists and stores, shake hands with individuals and check out interesting brands. Promoting second-hand shopping feels natural – it’s a fascinating way of being a creative fashion lover and supporting sustainable trends in the fashion industry.

The platform is for us who want to follow these great styles in the modern world, possibly making it part of our own look and everyday life. I will try to cover some events and talk to interesting people while writing the blog. Most of my everyday inspirations and thoughts can be found on Instagram. Follow me on Facebook as well!

I’m looking forward to developing this new initiative! Because isn’t vintage all around? In stores, coffee shops, on the streets? Vintage’s in the air, quite simply!

A woman in a vintage room sitting on a chair in green velour.
Vintage Harbour founder, Dorota Berg / photo A. Clelland

Selected works within women styling can be found in my Portfolio.