The Concept

Vintage trends

It seems like vintage has never been more trendy. Popular fashion shops are filled with clothes and shoes inspired by the past decades. Powder pink is one of the trendiest colors. Second-hand affairs with original pieces pop up constantly. Nostalgia is everywhere. In shabby chick furniture, colorful flowery patterns, velour on sofas and pillows. Photo filters we use everyday carry so much of the “old days” feeling. We like photography as we remember it from the Polaroid era or even earlier – from the beginning of the still picture history. We got seduced by the “old fashioned”, it’s part of our everyday life. 

Passion and work

I created Vintage Harbour out of passion for vintage, but also as a result of practical work with female styling. I have been taking care of a retro vocal group , both a unit and individual singers. Finding clothes, manufacturers, browsing stores, fixing looks and taking care of the outfits both before and after the events was a part of the job.

More importantly, the styling has been included in the language used during live concerts and shows. The outfits were carrying a message, a special “hello” from the past, meant to reach the audiences in a very special way. The response was intense, enthusiastic, sometimes surprising. Vintage styling brought something special to life, it pleased the audiences and inspired many in the surrounding.

Exploring vintage

The Vintage Harbour platform is a space to explore the vintage phenomenon, where I want to gather different inputs.

  • The website is about my work and experience, motivation, inspirations and my services withing organizing and producing events.
  • In the blog section you’ll  find texts about vintage fashion and trends, short notes, coverage on selected events, talks with interesting people and sometimes – a closer look at inspiring places. Visit the blog for vintage stories, articles and inspiration.