We live in a reality full of meetings – both virtual and physical. Great friendships, partnerships and co-operations start and develop when people meet. I think it’s even better when these meetings take place in a great surrounding during an outstanding event.

While live meetings get more and more popular, arrangers make efforts to create different, preferably exceptional experiences for their guests. They may be looking for a theme, a special climate, aesthetics and atmosphere that will create superior experience and great memories. This is something I can help with.

I create and implement event ideas, strategies and concepts that fit your brand and organization. I can also bring a high class musical performance to have a finishing touch. I coordinate preparation works, processes and communication between the parties involved. I build schedules and timetables and execute production steps along the way. You can hire me to be a member of your team or to take care of the entire project. I can also work with selected areas and combine my efforts with other specialists in the frame of a bigger initiative, like a festival or conference. On the day of realization I’m there to make sure every detail is in the right place. As a result we should have a smooth and impressive production resulting in a superior experience.

Great music elegantly served by stylish artists lifts your event and brings extra value to the entire arrangement. I can also fix that for you, so you get live music performed by professionals. Depending on your event it can be a mixture of jazz standards, bossa nova, ballads or a more modern, pop-oriented repertoire served in a stylish way. It can me a mingle-friendly, soft background music or a more intense concert arrangement with a dance option, depending on your needs.

I work especially with these types of events:

  • mingle and after work
  • conference entertainment
  • kick-off
  • company event
  • jubilee
  • premiere/opening
  • product promotion
  • wedding
  • baptism
  • anniversary
  • Christmas party/Julbord

I work with both private clients and corporate arrangers. No client is too big or too small – just let me know what you need and I will get back to you with a proposal. Then our cooperation starts with a meeting where you briefly describe your needs, event, guests, thoughts and wishes. I sketch an idea and send you a preliminary cost estimate. We discuss the possibilities, agree on conditions and schedule works. Then we make ideas our reality.

It’s important for me to deliver services that are professional and client-friendly. That means I try to make it as simple as possible for my client. I organize the service in such way, so you get a minimum paper work – if possible, you get just one invoice for the entire set of services and have just one transfer to make.

Important to add that I’m a member of the branch organisation for event experts in Skåne, Sweden. I’m an alternate board member and external communicator networking with professionals in the region. Read more about Skånska Branschrådet för Möten och Event at www.sbme.se (in Swedish).

Skånska Branschrådet för Möten och Event

Would you like to find out more? Do you have questions? Please contact me to and describe your project. I hope to hear from you soon!