Second-hand fashion shopping. Finloppis.

Circa 100 sellers appeared during the fashion event called Finloppis that took place on Saturday 22/9 in Malmö. Despite the weather, the second-hand fashion market gathered a good crowd of buyers. The organizers also managed to feature selected guests from the industry.

Second-hand but still premium

The overall concept of Finloppis is to present second-hand fashion from premium brands and designer boutiques. The space is also available for quality products from popular fashion chain stores.  All that’s trendy, from latest collections and in great shape can land on your hanger and table. There’s even place for vintage and retro pieces.

Finloppis, fashion loppis, second-hand fashion market. Studio Malmo, september 2018.
Silence before the storm, Finloppis 2018, Studio, Malmö.

As there were so many stands, there was quite a variety of products to look thru. As always during second-hand markets, the offer was diversified. Some of the pieces served for quite a while, while others looked more or less as new. Mikael Kors, Max Mara, Sonia Rykiel, Vivienne Westwood, Fjäll Räven flashed here and there. Followed by H&M, United Colors of Benetton, Filippa K. and many other popular brands the mixture got colorful. Some sellers had special products (hobby related) and home-made designs. The majority featured ladies fashion and different accessories. A couple of stands offered men outfits and baby textiles.

Frida Martinsson designer, bicycle tube fashion designer
Designer Frida Martinsson presented pieces from her brand by Frida EM

The event introduced a special project as well. During the latest edition you were able to meet designer Frida Martinsson with her concept byfridaem. Frida’s works involve recycled bicycle tubes. Her collection offers various pieces – you can find wrist bands and necklaces, as well as couture style dresses and extravagant tailor made outfits. One thing is sure – no matter the size, each of Frida’s things is a statement that’s born of a very individual approach. Even though the creations are powerful, there’s also a sweet vibe attached to them.

What was I doing at Finloppis?

Except from looking around and treasure hunting, I was actually selling some pieces from my vintage/retro collection. I have interest for fashion history since many years back and search for interesting pieces every now and then. I have also been working with styling for retro events and music performances. I mostly choose clothes in the style of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Visiting second-hand stores and events is a great way of updating my wardrobe, getting inspired and finding great brands. Vintage, retro, replicas and even newer designs with a touch of nostalgia usually land in my shopping cart. During Finloppis I had pieces from Lindy Bop, Trollied Dolly, River Island, Atmosphere, Kaliko, to name a few.

Vintage and retro clothes

Was it worth it?

Of course! As many of us tend to buy clothes regularly, we may end up using less than 50% of what we own, say some studies (check out the source). So it feels like a good idea to make second-hand markets like this a natural shopping alternative. Creativity in shaping personal style, connecting vintage with brand new and experimenting with looks has never been greater, is my feeling.  So yes, it was a nice experience, especially as the interiors of Studio are so neat. The event arranger is

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Hey, what’s “loppis” anyway?

In case you’re not familiar with the Swedish language, the name comes from two words „fin” (great) and „loppis” (Swedish for flea market). In Sweden people tend to buy and sell during loppis events. They can be organized in parks, culture houses, church facilities, at parking lots etc. They can also be privately held in gardens or garages, for example. Loppis stores are also very popular. Besides from clothes there’s many times furniture, decorations, toys, household equipment, books, vinyls and nearly anything you could think of.

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